Sabah Al-Ahmad Center for Giftedness and Creativity (SACGC) was established in May 2010 as an initiative by the Late Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah. The Center aims to nurture Kuwaiti individuals who have exceptional ability. The Center is dedicated to facilitating the integration of knowledge and intelligence by sponsoring gifted and creative individuals. This can be achieved by creating an environment that generates transformational effects across the community. This, in turn, will boost social, economic, and cultural development. Ultimately, it will develop full potential of Kuwaitis to lead productively and creatively.

to convert the center into a globally distinguished institution that cares for gifted and talented Kuwaitis, invests in their innovations for developmental purposes, and takes them to global levels.

Our Vision

"to contribute to building a Kuwaiti society that fosters giftedness and creativity."

Our Mission

  • The center constitutes a base that provides the talented and creative Kuwaitis with the moral and financial support they need to develop their abilities and to continue innovating outstandingly.
  • The center reflects Kuwait’s keen interest in its talented and innovative citizens, supporting their potential innovations and highlighting their achievements.
  • The center seeks to support development in Kuwait by contributing to enhance and upgrade the culture of innovation in the Kuwaiti community through supporting talented and innovative individuals.
  • One of the center’s objectives is to help inventors register their patents locally and globally to help them solidify their invention.
  • SACGC aims at developing a talented human cadre.
  • The center develops programs that aim to empower talented individuals and invest in their distinctive innovations.